Monday, April 25, 2011

     So, since I am getting closer to being a woman in the "real world", I decided that perhaps it's finally time that I forfeit my college-athlete attire from the bedroom. I've always thought little negligee's and nightgowns were for older women, but really, they're just for women that want to feel sexy in their own skin. I have found that I love thin dresses that can be worn to bed, as well as out and about. I've found the most absolutely perfect dress that I've worn not only to bed, but with a belt out to lunch and as a shirt tucked into boyfriend jean shorts. It's wheat-colored and long sleeved with a deep v-neck and made of 100% rayon, which means it has a subtle sheen to it that makes it feel classy. I bought mine in a large so that it's a bit oversized, but it fits me just the way I like it. Plus, I can switch the style up easily and drastically with a belt. This Kain Label V-Neck is the closest thing I could find to my trouve dress.
     The dress, obviously, is much longer than this. It's shorter in the front than in the back, though, which I adore. Anyway... enjoy your evening. It's getting late! -xo

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