Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Incredibly long hiatus, I know. Lot's has gone on, but I'll spare you on all the details and get straight to business. Since I've been here my passion for blogging has increased tremendously and I truly can't get enough of it. I have an obscene amount of beautiful pictures on my computer and intend on sharing my wealth of fashion photos with you all as well begin posting my own outfits on here. I'm walking my little sister to school this morning and then I'll be running back home with my more than adorable Labradoodle, Kanoa (kuh-no-uh). Once I'm back, I'll shower and begin taking photographs with a camera that my sister got for Christmas. :) -xo

T by Alexander Wang Pre Fall 2012 - absolutely OBSESSED with the all red... omg.
 I die for that couch and ottoman 

You will quickly learn about my obsession with anything and everything MKA. 
will write later - xo

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