Sunday, March 1, 2015

Negative Nancy

A simple switch in our thought process is all it takes to turn our day from negative to positive. Sometimes we get very comfortable in that negative space we find ourselves in. That exact thing was happening to me yesterday. I was sitting on my computer and wondering why I sucked so bad and then finally a teeny tiny voice told me to get up and be active/clean my apartment. So I did. I started with dishes then started a load of laundry, then back to the kitchen, then on with the laundry. I been went on to start filling in my planner and pretended like I was super busy and important. Nevertheless, it took me out of my funk and got me out of my head, which is exactly what I needed.

I've noticed with myself that I find a weird sense of comfort in Negative Town. I blame it on the years of depression I went through when I was younger (like most people I'm sure), but I've also grown to realize that everyone feels this way at some point or another. A great book I love and have read a few times now is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I'm sure you've heard of it - it's been on Oprah's Book Club for ages and he's truly an incredible human being. In the book he talks about something he calls the Pain-Body, which he describes as the voice in our heads/our thoughts. Most people are at the mercy of their thoughts and are possessed by that voice. 

It would literally take so much time and a much more eloquent mind than my own (e.g. Eckhart Tolle) to really get to the crux of what the Pain-Body is, but essentially it's your conditioned mind telling you how horrible and awful everything is. It feeds off of drama and sadness and all that is bad and it isn't until you're conscious of the Pain-Body that you can destroy it. 

Becoming aware/conscious of these negative thoughts and ideas is the first and most important step of getting yourself out of that state. 

It took me a while to find a routine that sort of kicked me into gear and out of that negative space. It took me a while to even want to get out of that space, to be honest, but when I finally realized that it really didn't take too much effort, I stopped hurting myself so much mentally and emotionally. For me, I try to just get active or do something that takes my focus off of whatever it is that is making me sad or upset. This might sound like putting your problems on the back burner, but tangible issues that need to be taken care of aren't what I'm referring to here. I mean instead of focusing on how fat I feel or how stagnant I feel or unsuccessful I feel, I instead will write in my journal, go for a walk, or put makeup on - anything that makes me happy and puts me in a better mood.

Just find whatever works for you and fills you with joy. I didn't anticipate this post being this long, but hey! I hope it helped someone out. 
xo / R.

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