Saturday, April 23, 2011

     Graduation is in 2 weeks. Next week is officially the last week of school, the week after that is finals week, and that Saturday is the day that I graduate. It's been a little bit stressful job searching online, making sure my resume is absolute perfect and getting used to the idea that I'll have to start saving money for my own apartment soon. I'm up for the challenges, though and more excited than I can articulate about moving forward into the Real World. I envision myself living in a studio apartment with furniture that I've refurbished thanks to the help of watching countless hours of HGTV and perusing their website whenever I'm not watching the experts on television. These are some photographs of what seems like a perfect living space to me:

Yes. I know they're both incredibly cluttered, but I am the polar opposite of a neat freak and these look like sanctuaries to me since I absolutely love clothes and shoes and bags... ah! I'm going to need to really budget myself once I graduate and am completely on my own financially. That's okay, though... Like I said before: I'm up for the challenge.
     On a more trivial note, I'm going to need a stellar white dress to wear underneath my robes. I've already gotten my hair done (a sort of strawberry blonde color that I'm obsessed with) and I'll post pictures of it when my curls are actually curling and not completely crazy because I've been in front of my computer (and HGTV) for hours on end.
     Anyway... I've got some homework I should be doing. Will write later. -xo

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