Sunday, January 12, 2014

and another one

My best friend and fellow blogger, Camille, loves a Canadian Tux. I have never done it before, although I envy those who can pull it off. Camille can definitely pull it off (check her out at Pommes Frites) and has fully inspired me so I wanna give it a go at Coachella one day! Of course, the denim on denim wouldn't occur until the evening time, but hey - baby steps. 
coachella 2

coachella 2 by renahy

The gold ASOS backpack... I literally need it. Which means I will be purchasing it ASAP. Check out my Lyst below to find some of the items shown above and great alternatives. xo / R

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  1. i'm literally obsessed with this entire look. a floral denim jacket? kill yourself it's LIFE!!!!