Wednesday, April 25, 2012

shifting gears

I've really been feeling shift dress silhouettes. Long sleeve mini dresses show the perfect amount of skin and most of the time can be easily transitioned from day to night. I absolutely adore MK in this sequined rainbow dress below. Never would you think rainbow and sequins could look this great together.
Seeing dresses like this in stores lately made me think of Vegas! I'm past that age where you go to clubs and the goal is to dress as provocatively as possible. I just want to look chic and pulled together and most importantly, not have to keep tugging at my outfit and even more importantly, after a few drinks forgetting to tug on my outfit and showing something I didn't intend on showing. That being said, these dresses are just begging to be bought for my next trip to Vegas.

 Tibi long sleeve dress. Amaze! Available on shopbop.
Really love the simplicity of this Tibi shift dress. Available on shopbop in coral and a pale pink, as well.

This Style Stalker dress is amazing! I love the design and the color and just everything! Yum Yum. Sold out :( 

The scalloped eyelash edges at the hem and cuffs are super cute and unexpected. Depending on the hair, makeup and shoes, it could either be elegant or super funky. Love the versatility. Nicholas dress available at Shopbop.

When I saw this dress... I knew I had to have it. And thank God I could afford it haha. This Thread Sence chevron patterned dress is absolutely perfect and I cannot wait to get it in the mail!
This shift dress is from Shop Sosie even tho the silhouette is the same as the above dress. This color is absolutely incredible and will look fantastic on pretty much any complexion. I'm so excited for this to come, as well... Love it. These dresses are motivation to work out, wouldn't you say??

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